A word from our ‘cheating’ president

August 26, 2006

PGMA orders immediate clean-up of oil spill

NUEVA VALENCIA, Guimaras—Appalled by the extent of the ecological damage of the country’s worst ever oil spill, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ordered today the immediate clean-up of the slick off the shores of this island province and the safe off-loading of the sunken tanker’s remaining load.

In her opening statement at the National Disaster Coordinating Council meeting held at the Salvacion Elementary School here, the President stressed the need to act quickly and decisively as the health and the livelihood of the affected residents lie in the speedy cleanup of the spill.

“I am personally pressing the government, Petron, the ship owner and every responsible party to work quickly and decisively to clean-up this ecological mess,” the Chief Executive said.

The Motor tanker (MT) Solar 1, carrying 500,000 gallons of oil of Petron, sank in rough seas off Guimaras last Aug. 11, resulting in the country’s worst oil spill that has already affected hundreds of kilometers of the province’s shoreline, including the livelihood of thousands of subsistence fishermen in the area.

Describing the oil spill as a tragic accident, the President stressed that the government’s first order of business is to ensure the health and safety of the citizens who are on the path of the spill.

Central to the care of the citizens, the President pointed out, is to clean up the spill as soon as possible to protect the health and well being of the people “and make sure our pristine coastline is preserved and brought back to earth.”

“Everyone must make sure that the sunken tanker is secured that you will safely off-load it and this accident safely comes to a rapid conclusion,” she added.

The President instructed the Department of Health to “meticulously” assess the situation “followed by a prompt and sustained action.”

Determined to make those responsible accountable for the country’s worst oil spill, she also announced that she is including Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales to the Task Force Guimaras to make sure that the disaster won’t happen again.

The President assured a full investigation of the oil spill to determine what happened and what steps to take to avert a repeat.

“This accident once again underscores the fragile nature of our environment, and why, we as a people seek to do more to preserve our precious natural resources,” she said. “We will do everything in our power to right the wrong caused by this unfortunate accident.

(Originally published on the Office of the Press Secretary’s web site. Click Dead Air for more empty rhetoric from the corridors of power.)


gma 1 resized

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo inspects the clean-up work being done in Sitio Larusan, Brgay. La Paz Nueva Valencia following the country’s worst oil spill off Guimaras. (Rey Baniquet—OPS NIB Photo)

OUR CAPTION: Ano ba ang tinitignan mo mare? Ala namang oil spill d’yan noh?

gma2 resized

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo views an affected area of the country’s worst oil spill in Sitio Larusan, Brgy. La Paz Nueva Valencia in Guimaras during an inspection Saturday. The visit preceded a National Disaster Coordinating Council meeting which she presided at the Salvacion Elem School. (Rey Baniquet-OPS- NIB Photo)

OUR CAPTION: Ang ganda naman ng T-shirt binigay ng Petron sa workers! And himala, naka rubber boots and gloves na. Kontodo mask! Ba’t si GMA di naka-protective gear? Dahil ba malinis itong area na pinuntahan nya?


  1. You know what will make a big impact? If GMA herself would head the cleaning crew. I’m sure all the guck will clean out pronto! Para naman mahiya ang Petron!

  2. Yup. But as usual, the ‘brains’ in Malacanang missed out on a better photo opportunity. Gagawa nalang ng pelikula, mali pa ang script! GMA should fire her stupid ‘director’.

  3. I was so sick in my stomach looking at the pictures of GMA in Guimaras. The government has absolutely no sense of urgency and instead had to wait for her to visit Guimars and get those photo ops before declaring the spill as national calamity. Everything is politics as far as GMA is concernend. She doesn’t care about Filipinos, she only cares about Germans.

  4. Yeah…especially German bankers. 😉

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