Arroyo to DoJ: Go after culprits behind Guimaras oil tragedy

August 26, 2006

EXPRESSING sadness over the devastation caused by the oil spill in central Philippines, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo instructed on Saturday the Justice department to go after those responsible for the environmental tragedy.

At a National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) meeting in Nueva Valencia village in Guimaras, the President named Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez as the latest member of Task Force Guimaras.

Immediately, Mrs Arroyo directed Gonzalez to determine and prosecute those responsible for the oil spill and find ways to ensure the tragedy will not be repeated.

“Moving forward we can assure every single citizen and group concerned that there will be a full investigation of this entire matter to determine what happened, who is responsible and what steps we need to make sure this type of accident doesn’t happen again,” the President said.

“For this purpose, we shall be adding the secretary of justice to Task Force Guimaras,” she added.

Gonzalez hails from Iloilo, where portions of the province have been affected by the oil slick, the biggest to hit the Philippines so far.

(Originally published on GMA News web site, Aug. 26, 2006. Click here for the rest of the story.)


FOR someone who didn’t care much about the rape of a woman in Subic, Secretary Gonzalez is the last person I would depend on to help prosecute those responsible in murdering Guimaras’ marine resources and economy.

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