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August 26, 2006

HI all!

I’d like to give you all a very brief update on Petron’s “efforts” re: the oil spill. I am quoting this word for word from the news updates I receive on my cellphone (source: abs-cbn news room).

“Petron Corp on Wednesday said it has no legal obligation to pay for the oil spill cleanup in Guimaras. As cargo owner, Petron said it did not cause the spill on August 11. Petron said it has organized a ‘cash-for-work’ project to clean up Guimaras’ shoreline of sludge from the sunken tanker.”

My interpretation of this news piece is that the burden of the cleanup is up to the people of Guimaras (or Negros). That if no one volunteers for the program, no cleanup will happen. The pace of the cleanup, therefore, will depend on how many people will sign up for their “cash-for-work” program. Meanwhile, the sludge will continue to spread out.

It’s a very self-serving program, if you ask me. Basically the Petron guys can wash their hands clean of this oil spill mess by saying, “It’s not our fault nobody showed up. We tried.” And if people do show up to help in the cleanup, they can claim how effective their program was and how it helped bring work (or money) to the townsfolk of Guimaras.

I think Petron’s reaction to all this is despicable. I, for one, do not gas up at Petron anymore. I know that doesn’t make a dent in their sales but I guess it’s a start.

MA-AN (DiveAddicts)

(From Teddy M., Aug. 25, 2006)

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