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August 31, 2006

Aug. 29, 2006

Dear Stella,

You may find this of interest.

As the world is trying to help, our government remains complacent. All they had to do was ask for help.

Anyways, we spoke to (Guimaras) Gov.Nava and he said he would take action. I am copying Javier (Claparols) as he spoke to the Governor and I spoke to his staff to take action on this. Then we referred it to PAWB to Dir. Mundita Lim and she will bring this information to the Coast Guard and she as PAWB-Director will act on the biodiversity as we have a marine protected area there. We are still waiting for a reply.

Meanwhile we have instructed our friends in Talisay, Negros Occ. to gather as much coconut husk as possible to protect the coast. A mangrove forest has so much ecosystem services,such as the food chain. Once gone it wont take 5 years, it will never recover again. It must be protected.

All the best,

Antonio M. Claparols
Ecological Society of the Philippines

Sent: Sunday, August 20, 2006 5:18 PM
Subject: Re: Philippines oil spill

Hi Antonio,

I believe the request will need to come from one of the government authorities in the Philippines and could go to Keith (Brown of the Australia Maritime Safety Authority) who will bring it to the attention of his CEO, Clive Davidson.

I believe that the coast guards will have an incident management officer who could possibly play a role in making the necessary government-to-government links, however perhaps Keith can advise on how else this might happen.

I think the issue is that the authorities in the Philippines have asked for international support but not directly to the Australian authorities.

Techa Beaumont (Ms)
Executive Director
Mineral Policy Institute
tel: +61 (0)2 9011 6884
mob:+61 (0)409 318 406
skype: techabeau
yahoo messenger: techa.rm
PO Box 89
Erskineville, Sydney
Australia 2043


Dear Techa,

Thank you for the email to Keith. With this email may we formally request assistance from the the Australian Marine Safety Authority?

We have tried to call the Governor of Giumaras island but got no signals.

In as much as this is a marine disaster in the center of the rich and diverse Visayan Sea. At the center of the Philippine Archepelago which will destroy the riches fishing grounds as well as the protected areas and livelihood of the people there.

May we with this email request for assistance on how to contain and salvage the tanker, thus saving the rich marine biodiversity and more.

Hoping to hear from you soonest.

All the best,

Antonio M. Claparols
Ecological Society of the Philippines
53 Tamarind Road
Forbes Park, Makati City


—– Original Message —–
From: Techa Beaumont
To: keith.brown@amsa.gov.au
Cc: srkloff@hotmail.com ; jamc@mozcom.com ; beau.baconguis@ph.greenpeace.org ; senator.milne@aph.gov.au
Sent: Sunday, August 20, 2006 4:15 AM
Subject: RE: Philippines oil spill

Dear Keith

Many thanks again for your generous time and helpful information
on the phone today.

As you suggested, I have provided some background information on the situation.

I’ve just pasted extracts from the most relevant articles and some emails over the last few days below.

You can find a lot more info simply by googling “Philippines oil spill.”

I have also cc’d some important contacts in case they need to communicate with you directly.

Philippines contacts who are in the area and can provide you with
more detailed information are Antonio M. Claparols (jamc@mozcom.com),
Javier Claparols (jmc1@mozcom.com), who are with the IUCN CEESP committee, and also Beau Baconqius (beau.baconquis@ph.greenpeace.org) who is on the Greenpeace ship that is currently providing support to local
authorities in dealing with the incident. I’ve also cc’d Sandra Kloft, the chair
of the working group I sit on of the IUCN economic, social and cultural policy committee (CEESP) and Christine Milne in her capacity as the vice president of the IUCN (World Conservation Union.)

It does appear that the company involved has brought in some people from the International Tanker Oil Pollution Federation according to Clemente Cancio, president of tanker owner Sunshine Maritime Development
Corp., but this is the only international intervention that has so far been provided.

I do hope that Australia is able to intervene to provide some support for this growing tragedy, and thanks again for your assistance thus far.

Any thoughts or advice you do have would be of great value to our friends in the Phillipines.

Kind Regards,

Techa Beaumont (Ms)
Executive Director
Mineral Policy Institute
tel: +61 (0)2 9011 6884
mob:+61 (0)409 318 406


One comment

  1. it has been a month and no real action has been done to contain the oil sludge,
    the marine biodiversity and the people are suffering.
    There seems to be more focus on the insurance claims and money rather than
    the marine biodiversity and human wellfair.

    More action on the ground is needed.
    The tanker is a sitting ecological timebomb which if it leaks or explodes
    it will destroy the rich visayan sea,the sulu sea and spread all over southeast asia
    the coral triangle.

    It may heve Global repercussions as the gulf streams will take the oil all over the world.

    We are outraged at the slow pace and lack of resolve.

    Antonio M. Claparols
    Ecological Society of the Philippines

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