Petron: Japanese ship can’t salvage Solar I

August 31, 2006

ALTHOUGH the arrival of Japanese ship Shinsei Maru came as a sigh of relief, distressed coastal villagers will have to wait a bit longer before the oil leak scare in Central Philippines comes to an end.

Petron Corp. told dzBB radio Thursday that the “actual salvaging” of the sunken tanker MT Solar I would only begin after another vessel arrives in the Guimaras Strait to carry out the job.

Meanwhile, Malacañang admitted Thursday that the Solar I sinking highlighted government’s helplessness against oil spills even as President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo vowed that those reponsible for the tragedy “would pay dearly.”

“The current oil spill off Guimaras illustrates the seriousness of protecting our oceans and marine resources and our helplessness in dealing with accidents of this magnitude,”Mrs Arroyo, in a speech read by Presidential chief of staff Michael Defensor, said.

The prepared speech was read during the conferment ceremony for the 41st Master in National Security Administration graduates held at Malacanang’s Heroes’ Hall.

(For the full story, click GMA News.)


  1. Petron knows that the Japanese vessel they’ve contracted cannot salvage Solar 1. I’ve sent them an e-mail from my contacts here in NZ to try sonsub ltd. which is based in Europe. Its specialty is salvaging this kind at more than 600 meters deep.

    Daw may cancer cells sa idalom sang Guimaras strait. Imagina bala, ang cancer naga hinay-hinay nga naga-lapta sa lawas sang tubig. Soon, indi na ina pwede ma chemo – last stage na sang cancer. Hulaton na lang nga mapatay. Ti kung patay na, ilubong na lang.

    Subong iya, pwede pa ma remedyohan para indi makalambot sa mas malala nga sitwasyon.

    Dapat epwersa guid ang Solar 1 kag Petron to present their project plan with timelines sa pag float o syphon man sang langis.

  2. Thank you Cecil. I hope Petron does look into this suggestion of yours because time is a-wasting. And yes, I agree with your analogy, it is a cancer spreading in the waters of Guimaras. And we can’t wait until we reach the last stage when “chemotherapy” can no longer be used to treat it.

    The work of salvaging Solar I, or at least siphoning whatever bunker fuel is left in it, must be done now. The provincial government of Guimaras must give Petron a deadline to do this, because it seems the national government couldn’t care less and would just rather have the Chief Executive look pretty walking along the beach.

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