$92M more sought for Exxon Valdez oil spill

September 1, 2006

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – State and federal authorities on Thursday demanded $92 million from ExxonMobil Corp. to clean up oil that has lingered in Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska since gushing from the Exxon Valdez tanker in 1989.

A $900 million settlement in 1991 included a “reopener” provision that allows a request for up to $100 million more in cleanup money, as long as government officials prove that wildlife or its habitat were still suffering spill-related setbacks that were unforeseen when the settlement was signed.

Along with the demand for $92 million, state and federal agencies sent Texas-based Exxon an extensive budget plan for finding and cleaning up the leftovers of the 11-million gallon spill.

Oil remains trapped beneath armor-like layers of rock and spread like pavement on some beaches, according to the recovery plan.

The letter sent Thursday is a formal follow-up to a request for the money that state and federal officials made in May.

Mark Boudreaux, a spokesman for Exxon, said about 350 studies show that the spill has left no lingering damages in the sound. Many of the studies were funded by Exxon.

(For the full story, click Exxon Valdez, Sept. 1, 2006.)


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