For your reading (dis)pleasure

September 2, 2006

FOR those who want to know what Petron officials and the government executives are doing about the oil spill, a web site has been set up, claiming (of course!) that Petron reacted swiftly in dealing with the disaster, listing total man-days spent to clean up the spill (without mentioning that the workers are being paid below minimum wage), its so-called relief efforts, and how much insurance will save the company from actually spending its own money for the cleanup.

As per the site, the company still has no rehabilitation program for Guimaras and other provinces devastated by the oil spill. Oh and get a load of a satellite map of the sites not affected by the oil spill. Interesting wot?

The site likewise lists Petron Foundation as a recipient for those interested in helping Guimaras. I personally believe that Petron has more than enough money to pay for relief efforts and its still-absent rehabilitation program. (To the credit of Petron employees, they managed to raise over P300,000 to help fund their company’s relief efforts. Shame on you Nick Alcantara!)

Forget Petron, instead I enjoin everyone to kindly send your cash contributions direct to the government of Guimaras via LandBank or protective clothing and other materials to the Visayas Sea Squadron. (See blog post on Aug. 30, What you can do)

For more of Petron’s version of reality, click here at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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