Things you can do to help Guimaras

September 2, 2006

THERE is a youth group which has put up a blog Save Guimaras in an effort to mobilize young people to help in relief or rehabilitation efforts in the island.

Heading this effort is Tuesday Gutierrez, who you can contact at email address: tuesdaygutz@hotmail.com or through chikka number 004367431. She needs our help in drawing up action programs to help the island. The provincial government of Guimaras can only do so much with its limited resources, but young people like us can organize and do more to help Guimarasnons face a better future.

Also, I went to a favorite salon today, Piandré along Timog Ave., Quezon City, to get my monthly hair and facial treatments, and was happy to note that it belongs to SOS Guimaras, the alliance of hair salons which have been gathering cut hair from their clients to send to Guimaras. The owner of Piandré even printed grey T-shirts with “SOS Guimaras” in big bold black fonts, to be used by the salon staff, and raise public awareness on the tragedy that has befallen this Visayan island.

While doubts have been raised on using cut hair to mop up the oil spill due to its long lifetime before decomposition, studies have noted its effectivity in absorbing slicks of this nature. What is most urgent is to clean the sludge, and we can all help out by having hair cuts. My appeal goes out especially to those with long hair. Mabilis magpatubo ng buhok, pero matagal bago makakabangon ang Guimaras kung di natin tutulungan.

Please go to Piandré, which has outlets in Quezon City, Makati, and Alabang.

What Guimaras needs is action right now, not just dead air rhetorics like our politicians. Get involved.



  1. uhmmm… im a student… im going 14 this coming september, 16.. im aware of waht happening in our environment today.. specially in the tragedt our country is experiencing right now.. the guimaras oil spill… i jaz want to know.. in which way we can help to save guimaras oil spill… other than hair.. it was said by our teacher in biology.. that we should research the things that could save guimaras… hair and soap are already given.. could you give me other things that can help to save guimaras.. ’cause you know.. im a student.. i want to accomplish my assignments.. and do my task as a living organism of my ecosystem.. and as a part of saving guimaras… i want to know some facts… please.. send some facts about guimaras in my email.. louie_0023..

    thank you..

    and god bless…

    may the lord God help us to save guimaras…


  2. Louie dear,

    All you have to do is click “donations” or “help guimaras” or some similar keywords in this blog and you’ll get the answers.

    Good luck in your assignment.

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