‘Get your collected oil sludge fast’

September 4, 2006

By Lory Ann B. Bilbao

GUIMARAS Provincial Administrator Elmer B. Ganancial reiterated the Provincial Government’s call for the owner of M/T Solar 1 and Petron Corporation to remove its collected oil debris from shorelines fast before they cost lives.

Two children at the evacuation center in Cadagmayan, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras have complained of illness due to the fumes emitted by the oil sludge and debris.

“They (Petron) said they will transfer the collected oil sludge from our shores last week but until now, this did not happen,” Ganancial said.

He also raised concern that the seepage from the containers of the oil sludge could also happen and will make the clean up futile.

Ganancial said Petron has dumped their collected oil debris in every area where they do the clean-up.

“We have yet to validate the areas where they dump their collected oil sludge,” he said.

(Click Fast, Sept. 4, 2006, for the full story.)


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