Siphoning oil emerging as best option — task force

September 4, 2006

SENIOR Palace officials were inclined to siphon out thousands of liters of oil inside the sunken MT Solar I at the bottom of the Guimaras Strait in Central Philippines.

Defense Secretary Avelino Cruz Jr, head of Task Force Guimaras, said he “personally” favored sucking out the oil after reviewing initial reports from onsite response teams.

“This is the best we can do to assure residents that the spill is under control,” he said.

Cruz cited the report of the Japan Disaster Relief Team from the salvage ship Shinsei Maru as a key factor in coming up with his current assessment of the ecological disaster.

The response team, which already left the Philippines over the weekend, said their underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) found that the oil had probably coagulated inside nine of the 10 containers of the MT Solar I.

Although siphoning the oil would be a costly measure, Cruz said this was a growing “consensus” among other government officials whom he did not identify.

(For the full story, Siphon, Sept. 4, 2006.)

Okay so why are you still talking about it instead of doing something already? Ano ba? Ang bagal nyo!



  1. Right! 20 days to locate a sunker tanker and ano, 40 days to siphon off the oil when events might overtake you such as strong underwater movements and God forbid, a minor earthquake. As usual, government is doing a lot of foot dragging and suffering from foot in mouth disease. Dakdak ng dakdak! Galaw na! every second counts.

  2. slow foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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