NEWSFLASH!!! GMA gags Coast Guard

September 5, 2006

ANC News Channel has just reported that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has ordered the Philippine Coast Guard not to entertain any more questions from the media regarding the oil spill in Guimaras! What are you trying to hide Madame Presidentita? Baw nano, nabuang ka na ‘day?

This blog has also received a tip that tomorrow, during her visit to Guimaras, GMA intends to announce that 30 barangays are “safe” from the oil spill. We just don’t know if this will be before or after her regular parade at the slick-free beach of Alubihod? Ay ambot!

Tsk, tsk, tsk…who is advising this woman on PR strategy? The truth about Petron, and now the government’s ineptitude about the oil spill, won’t be buried on just her say so!

Laban Guimarasnon!

(More on this story at Gag order, Sept. 6, 2006.)



  1. pangamusta sa tanan!

    this happens when sincere and genuinely concerned personnel of a government agency and a certain person with the cognomen “presidential adviser” talk at cross-purposes. those coast guard officers who insist on saying that there’s still oil leaking out of the sunken tanker must have irritated, and in the eyes of the media and of everybody, embarrassed, the p.a. who has previously declared there’s none.

    i cite the Quote of the Year found elsewhere in this blog as reference.

    ceretain thoughts like conspiracy, jumbled letters reminding me of an anagram for sycophant and images of a public, smelly orifice flash in my mind, but they’re personal and i won’t mention them.

  2. amo gani! there are some people left in the government who are honest and sincere, however, their efforts to tell the truth are thwarted by insecure govt executives who only think of their bruised egos instead of the common good for all!

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