Petron’s PR machinations part 2

September 5, 2006

MY, my! The Petron executives are certainly pulling out all the stops to make sure the company gets more favorable treatment in the news on its part in the oil spill tragedy. My sources tell me that it has persuaded its long-time advertising agency, Saatchi and Saatchi, to come out with specific ads on the oil spill issue. Petron has just bought a lot of airtime both on Visayan TV and radio stations, as well as space in local newspapers, to plead their innocence.

The advertising agency’s reps are also helping in the PR aspect–maybe Petron execs realized their PR consultant isn’t helping by distributing P500 to local reporters. So Saatchi handled today’s pre-GMA press briefing in Iloilo, as the presidentita will be visiting Guimaras Island again tomorrow purportedly to check on the clean-up operations on the oil spill. But again, she will be visiting a slick-free Raymen Beach Resort at Bgy. Alubihod. (Note to Joanne Zapanta: Can you please do something about GMA’s outfit if she goes walking on the beach again? That fuschia outfit was really hideous! Bleah!)

As GMA wants more favorable coverage, Petron’s PR and advertising agencies are trying to arrange a junket for the local news media to Bacolod! Why Bacolod? To get them out of the way of the real coverage of course! Keep the public disinformed about what’s actually happening (or in Petron’s case, not happening) in Guimaras.

Sino ba talaga ang niloloko nyo ha?



  1. Hi Stella,

    just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate what you are doing. The Guimarasnons want the truth to be known. God bless!

  2. Thanks Evan. You guys fight as well. Petron has to face reality and pay up. Fortunately for us, these guys have small minds with small PR ambitions. Tsk tsk tsk

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