Arroyo says oil spill contained; cadets tapped for cleanup

September 6, 2006

•‘Oil was leaking before tanker sank’ — Petron inspectors

IN a bid to restore the oil-ravaged beaches of Guimaras to its former splendor, government will tap thousands of cadets of the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) and other college students for the manual cleanup of the Guimaras oil spill.

This was announced Wednesday by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo when she visited oil spill-ravaged sites in Guimaras where she also said that the damage to the area has been contained.

The remarks came a day after the United Nations Development Program representative warned that manual cleanup expose workers to health risks.

Meanwhile, inspectors contracted by Petron Corporation admitted that they observed bunker fuel leaking from the M/T Solar I before the vessel sank off Guimaras Issland, causing caused one of the worst oil spills in Philippine history.

Anthony Val Fallet of the Jade Sea-Land Services and Raul Melaya of the Toplis Marine Philippines Inc. made the statement in separate affidavits submitted to the Special Board of Marine Inquiry (SBMI) on Wednesday.

“I noticed that there was already oil spillage from the compartment,” Fallet said without elaborating.

“We noticed that there was already oil leaking from the vessel but we could not determine the source of the leak,” Melaya said.

The two did not elaborate on the leak when they testified before the SBMI Wednesday afternoon. (With Joel Guinto, PDI)

(For the full stories, click GMA lies and Petron inspectors, Sept. 6, 2006.)


YEAH oil spill contained! Bulí mo ‘day!

So why are Negrenses scared for their beach resorts? Oil spill has already reached the coast of coast of Binalbagan, Negros Occidental, going to the south where about 15 dive spots are located as well as a marine sanctuary. Doesn’t this woman even look at the satellite images? Or are her advisers also keeping the real truth from her?

Did she walk again along the beach in her summer outfit? What beach resort did she go to? The one which wasn’t tainted by the spill in the first place. Boy her lies just keep getting bigger and bigger don’t they?


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