Stop using chemical dispersants – WWF

September 7, 2006


GUIMARAS – The World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-Philippines called for a halt in the use of chemical dispersants to clean the oil slick in the shores and waters of Guimaras.

Chemical dispersants hasten the cleanup but are hazardous to human health and the environment, said Lory Tan, president of WWF Philippines.

WWF is a global conservation, research, environmental advocacy, and restoration organization.

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and Petron Corp. have been using chemical dispersants since the cleanup started.

During the weekend, the Nueva Valencia PNP and Bantay Dagat in Brgy. Guiwanon confiscated five power sprayers of Petron used for cleaning coastal lines affected by the oil spill.

Nueva Valencia town is the hardest hit by the oil spill caused by the sinking of Sunshine Marine Development Corp.’s M/T Solar 1 carrying a load of two million liters of bunker fuel owned by Petron.

Click Panay News for the full story, Sept. 7, 2006.)


CRIPES! Now you’re saying this? Weren’t you at the site from the beginning Mr. Tan? Coast Guard and Petron have been using these dispersants since the cleanup began, so why didn’t you speak up then?Joskopo!

Was it really much nicer walking along the beach with the Presidentita yesterday? Hmmm?


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  1. Good day!
    I am a marine biologist from the University of San Carlos. Cebu City My concern is the effect of chemical dispersants on the plankton community. Plankton are composed of the phytoplankton, which are photosynthetic mostly found at the surface within the 1-3m and the ones giving the productivity of the sea. While, the zooplankton composed of fish eggs and larvae are our source of mature fishes and other edible animals in the sea. So as much as possible chemical dispersants should be avoided. Such effect should be studied first.

    Thank you.

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