The truth about the ‘gag order’

September 7, 2006

LITTLE birdies in the field told me that the gag ordered on the Philippine Coast Guard by the Presidentita through Lito Coscolluela, presidential adviser on Western Visayas, came about because of, ironically, the good work done by the Coast Guard officers.

It had been reported that last Saturday, Sept. 2, the Coast Guard found two crew members of the tugboat hired by Petron Corp. to tow barges filled with sludge and garbage from Guimaras, with fake licenses. Apparently this got the goat of Petron officials who ran to the Presidentita, their patron, for intervention. In other words, nagsumbong ang mga bata sa mommy nila sa Malacañang! Mommie dearest of course, called Coscolluela to do something.

Well do something he did, my sources tell me, and threatened the top brass of the Coast Guard outfit in Western Visayas that they would be fired from their posts! Hence, Coast Guard officials are no longer talking nor briefing media about the oil spill. It’s not as if these honest and upstanding officers are paid millions of bucks for their trouble…working hard despite the lack of equipment and vessels. Can you blame them for going along with the gag order?

Petty politics played by Petron officials and Coscolluela will not clean up the spill faster nor rehabilitate Guimaras today. It will only exacerbate matters since the truth will always be revealed no matter how people, with only their interests at heart, try to hide it. And so far, they have not been successful.

Obviously we all know who the Presidentita is really siding with. And it’s sure as hell not the Guimarasnons.


  1. korek kayo diyan!!!! sa totoo lang… kung pwede lang sampalin ko ang presidential adviser ng western visayas ginawa ko na!!!! kung kailangan ng tulong ng pamahalaan sana naman maging matalino sila sa pagsasalita at huwag awayin ang katuwang nila sa impormasyon…ang MEDIA….. Ga…g!~!!!! talaga….

  2. kailan lang nagbago ng statement si PA Coscolluela at sinabi niya na totoo na may tagas ang Solar 1 na nakalubog parin ngayon sa Guimaras island…. so, sino ngayon angnagsasabi ng totoo mr. Coscolluela? hindi ba mas tama ang MEDIA na ang Philippine Coast Guard na lang ang magsalita kasi mali-mali naman kayo e… wala naman kayong alam sa grounds… paano malinaw na ayaw nyong masapawan kayo ng Coastguard… ang problema sa inyo ensecure ba tama ba yung word na yun? ewan!!! ngayon sino ang mas magaling? problema sa inyo mas magaling kayo sa mga taong mas nakakaalam sa trabaho!!!!

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