WWF Phils. speaks up on Guimaras

September 10, 2006

(Sept. 5 Radarsat image of oil spill from WWF Phils. web site)

Guimaras and Beyond

by Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan
President and CEO

WWF’s primary interest is to help save the Guimaras Strait, and restore its natural productivity. This is not a short-term commitment.

We believe that the best way to fuel this effort is through active engagement with all players that have shown an interest in working together in an inclusive process leading toward sustainable solutions.

There are many qualified, highly motivated stakeholders on the front lines. Similarly, there are many interested individuals, corporations and institutions with regional, national and global mandates. We will work with them.

There is much work that needs to be done, involving many disciplines. Careful ecological assessments need to be done. Temporary alternative livelihoods need to be provided and sustainable sources of income must be put in place. All the remaining oil residuals need to be recovered quickly and removed safely. A multi-year ecological rehabilitation and recovery plan needs to be formulated, and embedded into the province’s own master plan. This template will be essential for monitoring, evaluation and, most important of all, continuity. A round table conference must be organized to integrate resource pledges and address funding gaps. The rehabilitation and biological recovery efforts need to be started, set into motion and structured for continuity, and lasting impact.

Many of the short-term interventions are already being implemented by local stakeholders, and funded, primarily, by government and insurance. This must continue. All of these programs, both immediate and long term – must involve Guimarasnons. They must share authorship and responsibility because this is their future, more than it is ours.

WWF hopes to play a role that will facilitate better programming and coordination. In a resource poor arena such as ours, synergy and efficiency are key success variables.

(Click Lory Tan for the rest of the piece.)


  1. the company must be punished

  2. pisot ni lory tan eh

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