BMI findings on Solar I sinking up for DOTC evaluation

September 12, 2006


TRANSPORTATION Secretary Leandro Mendoza would have the final say on the investigation over the sinking of M/T Solar I last month.

On Tuesday, the Special Board of Marine Inquiry refused to make public their findings, saying Mendoza would still evaluate their recommendations.

As of this posting, the SBMI was still consolidating the findings and recommendations of the members of the board. The BMI members were asked to submit their individual findings.

“(The findings and recommendations) will be subject to his (Mendoza’s) concurrence. If he is not happy, he can throw it out and create another board,” Commodore Benjamin Mata, BMI member, told GMANews.TV.

Asked if Mendoza would himself make public the result of the probe, Mata said: “if he so desires.”

The SBMI started its inquiry on August 29 and invited over a dozen resource persons, including the captain of the ill-fated tanker and representatives of Petron Corp., which chartered the vessel to ferry bunker oil from the oil firm’s port in Bataan to Zamboanga City.

Mata said any release of the findings should have the authority of the DOTC. “It would not look good if we preempt him (Mendoza). We are obliged to submit to the authority of the DOTC secretary.”

(For the full story, click BMI findings, Sept. 12, 2006.)

SECRETARY Mendoza has final say? Well surprise me with the findings, sir!

We all know what the final verdict’s gonna be obviously. A lot of crap about Coast Guard not doing its job (how can they when Marina already took over its functions despite lack of manpower?), Sunshine Maritime owners to be sued, and what of Petron? Petron? Was the company actually investigated? Oh right, that’s the Justice Department’s jurisdiction! Well phooey! We too know already how that investigation is gonna turn out.


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