Tankers’ group explains fate of marine oil spills

September 12, 2006

THE International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF) Limited bares the fate of oil spills at sea.

The ITOPF is a non-profit organization with 90 percent of its income coming from subscription paid by P&I insurers on behalf of the ship owner members.

It has a membership of over 4,800 tanker owners and bareboat charterers that operate about 8,650 tankers, barges, and combination carriers with a total gross tonnage of about 240 million GT.

This volume represents all the world’s tonnage of bulk oil, chemical and gas carrier.

ITOPF was established in 1968 and had evolved into a primary source of technical advice, expertise and information on effective response to ship-source pollution including oil spills at sea.

It had also specialization on oil clean-up operations, and assessment of technical merits of claims for compensation at the time of a spill.

Their services are free for all members of the organization. They were able to publish a Handbook that spells out the consequence of oil spill at sea, oil spill clean-up technique and assessment of cost for damages due to cleanup.

(For the rest of the piece, Tankers group PR, Sept. 12, 2006.)


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