Health office backtracks on cause of boy’s death (Hmm…I wonder why)

September 14, 2006

CONTRARY to recent news reports, the Department of Health (DOH) in Western Visayas said there are no official findings yet conducted on the body of the boy who died of an asthma attack in Guimaras last Aug. 28.

Assistant Regional Director Ed Gonzaga said their office confirmed the death of two-year-old Alejandro Castillo of Naoway island in Sibunag, Guimaras but belied reports that the death was caused by the bunker fuel fumes.

“There is a possibility that the death might have been aggravated by the fumes but it is not the cause of his death. We only based on the medical history of the child. He was born asthmatic,” Dr. Gonzaga said.

But he said there is no official findings yet as to the real cause of the death of the boy.

“If we said the fumes aggravated the condition of the boy it does not necessarily mean it was already the cause of the death of the boy,” Gonzaga stressed.

He said they are still processing the result of the blood samples taken from residents of oil spill affected communities in Guimaras.

For the entire press release, click Sunstar, Sept. 14, 2006.)


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