September 15, 2006

A STORY is running in this Saturday’s edition of BusinessWorld headlined ‘Petron unfazed by boycott calls following oil spill’. What gall!

I think it’s about time we Filipinos teach them a lesson. Petron officials have been nothing but lazy, arrogant beasts who are hiding under the long skirt of their presidentita GMA, quite content that she will rescue them from all the negative issues (of their own doing, might I add!) against the company.

Well, we should all show Petron officials how plainly disgusted we are with their behavior, and the continued inept handling of this oil spill by their company and the government officials sent to protect them. Ang kakapal ng mukha nyo!

I make this appeal especially to those who can’t stomach the findings of the BMI and the DOJ which have let Petron off the hook in this tragedy. Show your support for Guimaras and its residents. Make Petron pay for its neglect which led to the oil spill. To this day, the company continues to tapdance instead of addressing the issues facing the cleanup, the salvaging of the tanker, the health problems of the residents, their loss of livelihood, and the damage to the marine resources of the island.

Make a difference.




  1. If you look at the Iloilo media these days, some of them have new shoes, new clothes, new cellphones, MP3 players, etc. Did they receive bonuses from their employers? I guess not. But the sudden enrichment of some of the media came in the wake of reports that Petron hands out envelops containing the pictures of Josefa Llanes Escoda, Vicente Lim and Jose Abad Santos.

  2. Yeah, I heard the allowance is about P3,000 a week. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

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