From our mail box…

September 15, 2006

From Lette Teodisioof the Visayan Sea Squadron

Dear friends,

Just a quick update on what’s been happening so far :

Fellow volunteer for the cause Archie and I commuted yesterday to Pier 18 to meet up with the truck of Shopwise Araneta, which generously donated a sizeable amount of goods (this is for our 3rd shipment). After rounding up and checking the packing (as well as some photo op with the fellows who helped out) we got to send it off to the Iloilo pier where it will be received by VSSQ Iloilo team for dispersal in Guimaras with the help of the governor’s office. (A quick thanks for the nice assistance from 2Go cargo team – they really helped us out with all our shipping inquiries ). Here are some pics yesterday 🙂 We continue to encourage people to donate – big or small. For those still interested in sending, We’ll be sending off another shipment in two weeks’ time, so please let us know. 🙂


Also, we have been receiving correspondence from an independent group called Save Guimaras. It’s great to know that there is awareness outside the country about our plight and people actually taking the time and effort to make this cause known. So if you guys wanna check out the site, please do. There are so many ways you can help out! Donate, pledge, visit the sites/blogs, get updated and most importantly, SPREAD THE WORD. We are already seeing some of it paying off through a lot of responses, as well as great raves/suggestions from people who got to know more about the oil spill. Lots of thanks to the many people who, in their own little way, contributed to spreading the word and volunteering their time, effort, money and goods to this cause!!!

KUDOS TO YOU GUYS!!!! We really could not have done this without your help.

We’re still a long way from rehabilitating and fixing the damage, but with more help and perseverance (as well as ACTION) , we can do it! 🙂


Great work Lette and all your friends! It’s nice to know that so many young people are involved in helping Guimarasnons get back on their feet. Have a great weekend ‘cos you certainly deserve it.


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