‘Human vultures’ preying on funds for oil spill cleanup — solon

September 16, 2006

“HUMAN vultures” are out to get a slice of the fund intended for the cleanup of the oil spill in Guimaras, House Deputy Minority Leader Rep. Rolex Suplico warned local officials of the island province.

In a text message to reporters, Suplico said he got information that about 100 professional squatters from Iloilo City have arrived in Guimaras where they will pretend to be residents affected by the oil spill.

“These human vultures are asking Petron to include them in its cash for work scheme. Barangay officials should now certify who are the real residents in order to ferret out these opportunists,” the solon said.

Suplico said that public and private funds for the oil spill clean up should go to those who rightfully deserve them, particularly the fishermen who lost their livelihood because of the incident.

Congress recently approved the allocation of P2 billion for the rehabilitation of areas affected by the oil spill.

(For the full story, click Human vultures, Sept. 16, 2006.)


  1. I hope this “vultures” be punished. By the way, have we checked the “vultures” in goverment and/or lwas enforcers. I heard local officials are still keeping some of the donations in their capital or offices, while law enforcers like the coast guard are contracting some barges.

  2. I’ll leave the reporters in the Visayas to deal with those stories John Doe, but for the Guimarasnons’ sake, let’s hope you’re wrong.

    Also, there may be a good reason why the officials are still keeping some of the donations in their offices. With no assurance that Petron officials will put their money where their mouths are, perhaps the local officials are just ensuring that there will still be food, water and other necessities to go around for the residents.

  3. dear Stella,
    Your prayers are my prayers too. My source, which is local of guimaras, says the local officials are only favoring those who are “KAPARTIDO’s”.

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