From our mailbox…

September 18, 2006

Hi, i visit your blog site and I find it very helpful in our campaign to address the issues and concerns related to the oil spill in Guimaras. We are an alliance of multi-sectoral groups here in Panay and Guimaras composed of non-government organizations, environmentalists, local legislators, church people, scientists, artists, students, medical practitioners, teachers, institutions and affected local communities in Guimaras. I am sending you our recent (September 16) media release during our press conference. Hope you can post this in your blog site. I’ll be sending you also our materials about our organization as well as our unity statement.


Hope Hervilla
Save our Lives, SOS! Panay and Guimaras

SAVE OUR LIVES, SOS!– Panay and Guimaras
c/o Madiaas Ecological Movement, Room203 La Salette
Valeria St., IloiloCity 5000
Tel. No. 300-04-08

Reference: Ma.Geobelyn Lopez
Convenor, Save our Lives, SOS –Panay and Guimaras
Cel.No. 09272340664


A Month After the Oil Spill Tragedy: What Next?

Guimaras is on its 36th day of the oil spill tragedy yet there is still no definite time frame when to remove the sunken oil tanker. Until now, there is no commitment on the part of Petron and the national government to remove the source of threat of more oil spill despite demands from the people.

The Guimarasnons have already suffered too much.

Their economic activities have been paralyzed and their health situation is deteriorating. The affected communities’ psycho-social patterns have changed alarmingly from being self-reliant to relief-dependent on outside sources.

Save our Lives, SOS-Panay and Guimaras would like to reiterate our strong demand to Petron Corporation and the Arroyo government, for the immediate removal of the remaining bunker fuel in the sunken tanker. Moreover, a medium- and long-term response for relief and rehabilitation has to be delivered by Petron and the national government as measures to compensate for their accountability in the tragedy.

We are calling on all concerned sectors in the region, national and international level to join us in helping the people of Guimaras. Guimarasons deserve a clean environment and just compensation from Petron Corporation, Sunshine Maritime Development Corporation and the Arroyo government. Let us unite with the people of Guimaras in the fight to restore social justice.


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