Governor vows to file libel for Petron rumor-mongering

September 18, 2006

By Jay Dooma Balnig

GUIMARAS Governor JC Rahman Nava was angered by the report tagging him as the one who dealt with Petron Corporation regarding the oil dispersants and vowed to file a libel case against those behind the allegations.

In an interview, Nava lambasted Petron for “making such allegations. This is a serious matter. This is libelous!”

The issue, published September 14 as a blind item in a local daily in Iloilo, said: “Guv sells dispersants to us also. At his price, mahal.” The newspaper quoted a source from an official of Petron who asked not to be named.

Nava admitted that several Petron people visited his office. “In fact, they told me that their chairman wants to talk to me in Manila. But I told them, my office is in Guimaras.” Nava added.

Nava lambasted Petron for being inconsistent.

“My demand is very simple. Bring your waste out of Guimaras,” he said.

(For the full story, click Libel vs Petron, Sept. 18, 2006.)


HOW low can Petron go? Its officials have sank lower than the sludge they have yet to clean up in Guimaras, apparently. Unable to control the legitimate media from shining the spotlight on their missteps in handling the tragedy, they are trying to turn the tables on the one man who is trying to valiantly lead the Guimarasnons out of the misery they are now facing. Go Gov. Nava! File your libel case against these guys. Or guy. There really is only one company executive there who has been working with Petron’s amateur PR consultants in trying to pollute the environment with the company’s lies.

The problem with Petron’s newest PR strategy is, it is targetting a man whose reputation is unsullied. Gov. Nava comes from a long line of doctors and has an untainted history of public service. You need not wonder why he is loved by his constituents in Guimaras. And unlike most traditional politicians, Gov. Nava is progressive and puts his constituents’ needs before his own. No wonder he sticks out like a sore thumb. And for this, I salute him.

Perhaps Gov. Nava, it is time for you to stick it to Petron and tell the public exactly how its officials have been trying to make you shut up and just accept the deal the company is offering. Maybe you should tell the media just exactly how much Petron put on the table in exchange for your silence. Speak up Gov! and tell us why Petron is now trying to get back at you.

By the way, how arrogant of Petron chairman Nick Alcantara to even summon Gov. Nava to his office in Manila! You’re the one one who wants the meeting and you want the governor to come to you? Pwede siguro ‘yang style mo sa Saranggani or Gen. Santos, pero hindi sa Guimaras, oy! What gall! And your paid hacks even try to portray you as a “man for others” because of your Atenean background? Tsk, tsk, tsk! Let’s see what Fr. Bernas has to say about that!

As for that publication that let its pages be used for those lies about Gov. Nava, shame on you! While on the whole, its reporters’ stories have been fair and objective about the oil spill issue, obviously some of its columnists have already gone to the dark side. I just hope that paper’s management wakes up and, like Gov. Nava, will put the needs of its readers for THE TRUTH first, before personal gain.


  1. I salute you Governor Jc Raman Nava you are truly a good citizen of Guimaras.Yes put this people of petron in court. this people ruined our beloved Guimaras Island.

  2. I am from Calinog, Iloilo but now a resident in HK. In 1996 I went on holiday from HK to Phuket, Thailand with my 2 friends. Included in the package was a trip to an island to see some corals by either snorkling or just stay in the boat with a glass bottom. Upon seeing the corals, I thought, we have a much better coral reef back home just in the neighborhood! It opened my eyes and made me revisit what I have taken for granted. The following month, I took a scuba diving lesson in Puerto Gallera then in less than a year, I bought a little piece of land in Guimaras. Guimaras is a nice place and worth preserving! We have something of great quality, an island of healthy nature. Mr. Governor Nava, I only heard about you rather than know you. This is such a big task – preserve this island, we’re counting on you. It takes everyone to make this happen, a good leader and a good follower and I hope people would cooperate in order to achieve this goal. LET’S PRESERVE THE ISLAND OF GUIMARAS!

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