Scientists urge gov’t to reveal true state of oil spill

September 18, 2006

• Gov’t exec denies involvement on ‘gag order’ v. Coast Guard
Sunstar, Sept, 18, 2006

AFTER government’s gag order on the MT Solar 1 oil spill issue, scientists and environmentalists warned against hiding information about the incident from the public.

Aloysius Baiz, environmental chemist from the Center for Environmental Concern, said that with the gag order, government appears to be concealing what’s really happening.

The government instructed several government agencies like the Philippine Coast Guard to refrain from issuing any statement regarding the update on the spill.

Baiz added that people are still worried over the MT Solar 1 situation.

“The public has the right to know the effects of the oil spill and the status of the cleanup,” the group said.

Presidential Adviser for Western Visayas Lito Coscolluela recently denied allegations that he was responsible for issuing gag order on the Philippine Coast Guard, on the current oil spill in Guimaras.

“The coast guards are accusing me, but I have not issued a gag order to anybody. In fact, I’ve been mediating between Petron and the Coast Guard and now this is the effect of what I’ve done,” Coscolluela said.By JDB and Nico C. Delfin

For the full stories, click Reveal and Lito denies.)


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