Petron assures no oil spill ‘business’ in Guimaras

September 19, 2006

ILOILO City – Petron Corp. clarified yesterday that Gov. JC Rahman Nava is not involved in any business dealings with the company in its oil spill containment operations in the island.

“The governor has nothing to do with the actual cleanup and waste hauling operations being undertaken by Petron and other government agencies,” Carlos V. Tan, Petron health and safety manager, said.

“The hauling of collected oil debris to the barge is our initiative. We rent barges and other supplies in Manila,” Tan explained.

“We are staying in Guimaras to help the affected people in any way we can. We support Gov. Nava’s relentless efforts in helping the people of Guimaras,” Tan said.

“We, in fact, look forward to a closer partnership with the Provincial and National Government for the speedy rehabilitation of Guimaras,” Tan added. (PR)

(Published in the Panay News, Sept. 19, 2006.)


Got scared of the libel suit didja Caloy? Tsk, tsk, tsk…that’ll teach you to pick on someone your own size. No way are you even close to Gov. Nava’s level of credibility. Gads, can you believe our taxes are paying Petron to employ amateurs like this guy? Ick


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