From our mailbox…Ever heard of the the Dirty Three?

September 20, 2006

THE chances are that you have not. Petron, Caltex and Shell are the three major oil companies in the Philippines that effectively form a price fixing cartel. However, what is generally unknown, is that these three oil companies sell some of the worlds dirtiest (in terms of sulfur content) #6 residual fuel oil (bunker oil) for use in the Philippine Islands. Number 6 residual fuel oil sold in the Philippines has a 2.8% by weight sulfur content. In addition to this, the three companies do not offer the option of a low sulfur content number 6 oil for sale in the Philippines. If this was not bad enough, all three companies refuse to divulge the fuel borne nitrogen content of their number 6 fuel oil.

(Click Dirty Three for the entire piece. Link provided by Bernhard Willig.)


One comment

  1. I am writing a position paper against the enhanced use of #6 (bunker) fuel in the Philippines. I cannot find the link for your mailbox source on the Dirty Three. I want the entire original piece very badly. Can you help me? Thanks

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