More of Petron’s cheapstakes…

September 20, 2006

Expired licenses halt exodus of collected oil from Guimaras

PHILIPPINE Coast Guard personnel on Tuesday prevented a barge loaded with collected oil sludge from leaving Guimaras Island in central Philippines after finding that the crewmembers’ licenses were already expired.

The licenses belonged to Engineer Rolex Carbo and chief mate Benny Abong, who both operated the tugboat used to tow the MV Carmen from the nearby port.

The MV Carmen, which was already loaded with 500 metric tons of thick debris, was supposed to transport the oil to a cement factory in Misamis Oriental.

Worse, Coast Guard authorities also found that the tugboat was underpowered.

Carlos Tan, health safety and environment manager of Petron Corp., said he has requested the tugboat owner to install a more powerful engine.

“We were expecting the MV Carmen to leave soon with the cargo to Misamis Oriental, where a cement company plans to use the sludge for manufacturing cement,” Tan said.

(For the full story, click Expired licenses, Sept. 20, 2006.)


LAST time Petron hired a tugboat operator, its officers had fake licenses…the kind you buy from Recto? Now the issue is expired licenses. What’s up with Petron’s local officials? Too cheap to hire credible tugboat operators? Anobayan!



  1. I attended the August 29 regular session of the Iloilo Provincial Board. I remember Vice Governor Obet Armada asking Mr. Campos of PETRON why the M/T Solar I tanker that they hired took the “smugglers’ route”. . . by the way, the question was asked by the Vice Governor because his father retired as Regional Director of the Bureau of Customs . . . and the old man said to him that the route was “irregular” . . . as it was where the Customs people caught smugglers of bunker fuel when he was still the Director of said bureau. . . is there some connection between the “smugglers’ route” and the expired licenses? . . . barat ba talaga o may tinatago lang ?. . . just asking.

  2. Probably both Grayz 😉

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