Marine expert: Environment benefit analysis should be done in Guimaras shores

September 21, 2006

By Maricar M. Calubiran
The News Today

A MARINE biologist working for the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF) said the second phase of the cleanup operation is more complicated than the first stage which is to remove the industrial fuel oil on the shoreline and affected areas.

Katharina Stanzel, senior technical adviser of the ITOPF said there should be “environment benefit analysis” before implementing any action on the ground. She said there should be a comprehensive study on what to do as they could not just scrape the sand, mangroves or any affected areas.

The ITOPF is a non-profit making organization, involved in all aspects of preparing for and responding to ship-source spills of oil and chemicals in the marine environment. It is based in London.

Stanzel said “you have to weigh the sand before scraping” the remaining bunker fuel. She, would not however comment on whether the process in cleaning up the island with the oil slick is an ideal thing to do while the M/T Solar 1 is still lying on the seabed. “I am not in the position to criticize anyone but I am here to fill in the gap between all the stakeholders, government and different groups.”

As to date, she could say on what’s the best for the island as they are still conducting a study on the area and possible remedy especially in helping the marginal fishermen.

(For the full story, click TNT.)


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