Petron officials under threat? (Owwws?)

September 21, 2006

By Maricar M. Calubiran
The News Today

TOP officials of Petron Corporation are under tight watch after suspicious looking personalities are now tailing their movements and monitoring their activities in Guimaras island particularly in the Raymen Resort where they are housed.

This was revealed by Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Chief of the Public Affairs Rhodora Capulso in a press conference Tuesday.

Carlos Tan, Petron’s Health and Safety Manager, confirmed Capulso’s information.

Tan said they were also informed that some people are making inquiries on the resort personnel where they are housed with regard to their identities. The same people are also believed to be monitoring Petron’s officials and personnel whenever they made the rounds in the affected areas in Guimaras.

Petron officials have no detailed security personnel in the island. However, with the information, the group had already sought help from an army unit to protect them and push through with their plans in cleaning up the island of the oil spill.

(For the full story, click TNT.)

EVER heard of mass hysteria Caloy? Maybe it’s just your collective consciences nagging at you and your colleagues for the equally suspicious activities you guys have been engaged in, that’s giving rise to these visions of boogeymen. What suspicious activities? Well you know, like putting up illegal dumps for the sludge or trying to cover the oil debris with cement to claim a successful cleanup?

But you gotta admit, this is a great excuse for the old unsainted Nick not to visit Guimaras and pay his respects to Gov. Nava, right?

Why a DENR public affairs officer allows herself to be the mouthpiece for this tall tale is actually the bigger question.


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