Senators pressed to pass oil spill bill

September 22, 2006

By Macon Ramos Araneta
Mla. Standard Today

CEBU Rep. Eduardo Gullas yesterday urged senators to act on the oil spill compensation bill which has been pending in the Senate for more than 10 months.

He said congressmen passed House Bill 4363 last November and it has been languishing in the Senate since.

The bill, he said, provides for the enforcement of all international rules on the accountability of ship owners for oil spill damage, and ensures instant and sufficient compensation for parties.

He said the bill incorporates as part of Philippine law the provisions of the 1992 International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage and the 1992 International Convention on the Establishment of the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund.

Under the proposed Oil Pollution Compensation Act, owners of ships that “cause pollution, damage or create a grave and imminent threat of causing such damage” will be liable for expenses incurred in cleanup operations at sea or on shore, costs incurred for preventive measures, consequential loss of earnings suffered by owners or users of damaged property, economic losses, damage to human health and environmental damage.

(For the full story, click Oil spill bill, Sept. 22, 2006.)


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