Bravo Petron!

September 26, 2006

THE P80M PR war chest certainly has come in handy. Imagine managing to infiltrate a major Philippine daily with its lies in the guise of an ‘investigative report’ by its reporters?

Notice how the paper’s stories on the oil spill only quote experts provided by Petron? Sad that it’s reporters didn’t bother to interview independent scientists or environmentalists, which could have given their report a real independent and investigative feel. (Yeah, WWF is an ‘independent’ environmental group. Not in the Philippines that’s for sure.)

You be the judge, readers. I’m not going to waste precious space on this blog by reprinting those Petron ‘praise’ releases here.

Btw, we hear the going rate for hacks in the employ of Petron is now P3000 a week, according to a blogger down south. No wonder these paid hacks are now sporting the latest fashion and audio trends on their person. Tsk, tsk, tsk…if only they knew how much their silence and slanted reports are actually worth. P3,000 a week…ang cheap nyo naman!

I hear the actual budget is P5,000 a week…of course, guess who gets to pocket the P2,000 difference? But c’mon you paid hacks, don’t you think your pro-Petron efforts should be worth at least P10,000 a week? Well as the blogger down south says…Greed makes you stupid.



  1. One of the members of the national advisory council of wwf is ….. (drumrolls pls)



    clap clap clap… applause to Petron!!!

    see http://www.wwf.org.ph/about.php?pg=wwa&sub1=bot

  2. Huuyyyy…sakit mo naman magsalita. Who said it was Inquirer ba? hehe 🙂

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