Oil debris now in Misamis

September 26, 2006

LUGAIT, MISAMIS ORIENTAL – An estimated 1,000 tons of oil debris collected from the coastal areas of Guimaras province arrived at the Holcim port here on Saturday on board two barges.

The oil debris were gathered from the Aug. 11 oil spill caused by the sinking of MT Solar I tanker off southern Guimaras Island.

Bobby Sajonia, vice president of British-owned cement company Holcim, told reporters that the oil debris will be loaded to the kiln burner.

The byproduct of the burning process will be integrated in the cement processing stages, Sajonia said. Richel V. Umel, Inquirer Mindanao, Sept. 25, 2006



  1. Greetings!

    We are in a quandary:

    1. How safe really is the process of burning oil debris from Guimaras in the cement kiln of HOLCIM Philippines as an alternative fuel resource (AFR) ?

    2. Has the AFR technology used here by HOLCIM Philippines been proven foolproof?

    We need answers from the company. We need also feedback from experts on the matter. Moreso we need assistance in the assessment of the plant’s AFR technology use.


    1. The local government of Lugait was not consulted on this. We only received a communication from HOLCIM that they contracted with Petron to burn the oil spill debris collected as fuel in their cement kiln late last week.

    2. The community who were to be adversely affected should this wastes from Guimaras were to cause yet another disaster were not given the courtesy of even a simple explanation.

    3. We were not even informed that the barges carrying the oil debris arrived on Saturday nor when these will be fed in their cement kiln. Thanks to this link we learned that indeed the reports we received sometime on Sunday were true.

    Thank you.

  2. I am not sure I’m the right person to answer your questions Vice. I know that there are also concerns on the cement plants of Holcim because of the pollution these allegedly cause.

    I think as one of the key officials in Lugait, you and your constituents should make it your business to get Holcim to answer your concerns. All too often, such companies forget that they are merely being hosted by the residents instead of the other way around.

    Good luck Vice Mayor. I pray that Holcim faces up to its obligations and responsibilitues to your municipality.

    Thank you for your comments and for visiting this blog.

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