Helping hands…list of donors to Project Sunrise

October 4, 2006

IN the interest of transparency, Project Sunrise which was set up by the provincial government of Guimaras to deal with relief and rehabilitation efforts pertaining to the oil spill, has listed the names and contributions of donors to its trust fund.

According to Project Sunrise, the list only includes those who have actually deposited or turned over checks and assistance to the government/trust fund and does not include pledges (or what I call, “praise release aid”). So if you’re wondering why this certain senator’s P500,000 announced donation isn’t listed, well, the simple answer is, he never turned over the money!

Click project-sunrise-donors.pdf for particulars.

We are also publishing the list of donations in the form of relief goods from private individuals/entities donations-goods-092006.pdf and from the German government german-aid-to-guimaras-partial-delivery.pdf.

It must be stressed, however, that there are some donations that are not going straight to the provincial government but to the other national agencies that are involved in oil spill relief effort. Some of these are the Department of Health, Department of Social Welfare and Development, National Disaster Coordinating Committe, etc. We will publish their donations list as soon as these are available.

We trust that Project Sunrise will also publish where the money from the trust fund will go once it is tapped and disbursed. If you’ve extended some assistance to the provincial government, and don’t see your name on the list, kindly go to their web site.

Guimaras still needs our help, people. Please deposit your donations to Land Bank of the Philippines (Guimaras branch), Account No. 1922-1000-35 (Provincial Government of Guimaras). This is the special trust fund set up by the province just for the oil spill relief and rehab activities, and will not be mixed into the province’s general fund.


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