Scenes from a rock concert

October 4, 2006

EVEN as Metro Manilans were picking up the pieces of their Milenyo-lashed lives, many still found the time to watch DINIG GUIMARAS last Sept. 30 at the Bela Bar in Mandaluyong.

Here are some of the bands which participated in the event, photos courtesy of Suzainne Marie Ombid. Check out the rest of her concert snapshots at her blog.







Thank you to the organizers of this gig, JOSEPH ARANETA and ROY ALBERTO, as well as to the bands who donated their time and talent to this worthy cause. (I heard Joseph and company were a bit anxious that the area still had no electricity that evening. But hey, somebody must love them up there because they got the power just a few minutes after the scheduled curtain call!)

Also a big hug and kiss to all those who watched the concert and to Bela Bar’s owners for lending the venue. You are truly a credit to this country. The Guimarasnons will forever be grateful to you. (As Isaac Mizrahi says, “Clap for them!”)

We’ll update you soon on the how much was raised from this benefit, and keep you posted on any more gigs for Guimaras.



  1. these photos carry great energy. that’ how rock concert photos should be. thx for sharing!

  2. Thanks for your comments Suresh. Appreciate you visiting my blog.

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