Canadian NGO helps Guimaras plan for the unplanned

October 7, 2006

WHEN disaster struck Guimaras following an oil spill that was brought about by the sinking of MT Solar I on August 11, various regional and international organizations responded to aid the island-province in clean-up and relief operations.

Among those that first responded was the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI), a Toronto-based non-government organization that has long been working with Guimaras on good governance and economic development concerns.

But CUI did not bring a throng of clean-up teams or tons of relief goods. Instead, it aided Guimaras in developing a web site that brought to fore official information on the disaster, and in providing disaster risk management capacity to the provincial government.

The web site, http://www.projectsunrise.org, connected Guimaras to the world, especially to international donor and relief organizations, conveying what the province’s wants foremost – the removal of the tanker, relief assistance and the restoration of the environment.

CUI also helped Guimaras convene stakeholders in the conduct of a rapid assessment on the damages on the environment, economy, health, society and culture, infrastructure and governance, and made available knowledge papers, case studies and other resources on disaster.

(For the rest of the piece, click Canadian NGO, Oct. 6, 2006.)


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