Priest calls on public to boycott Petron products

October 8, 2006

APPARENTLY to press the local Petron Corp. to hasten its clean-up operations on the oil spill in the seas off Guimaras island province, a Catholic priest yesterday called on the public to boycott all petroleum products being sold by the “giant” oil firm.

Aside from a boycott of its products, Monsignor Melito Oso also pressed for the filing of a court case against Petron to make it act with more urgency to find a solution to the “ticking bomb” that is the M/T Solar I, which is still lying at the bottom of the Guimaras Strait since having sunk last Aug. 11 and leaking out 250,000 liters of the 2 million liters it was transporting from the Petron holding plant in Bataan province in the north of the country to Zamboanga in the South.

“The urgent call of retrieving or recovering the oil seems to have fallen on deaf ears. The nuclear bomb is still lying there under the sea,” Oso, the Social Action director of the Catholic church’s diocese in Jaro town, Iloilo province, said.

“I do not believe that bringing them to court would make them hear the urgent call to do recovery mission. Perhaps the court cases, together with our personal contribution to boycott Petron will drive home the message,” he added.

“If we give them zero sales, perhaps they will be forced to do recovery mission,” the prelate moreover said.

(For the full story, click Daily Tribune, Oct. 8, 2006.)


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