Helping hands…donation from Accenture

October 10, 2006

Lette Teodosio of the Visayan Sea Squadron writes:

IT was a tiring weekend, but definitely worth it! We finally got to accumulate and pack the donations Accenture has generously given Guimaras last Saturday afternoon. It was exhilarating to see how much this message of concern has affected so many people, and action has been taken indeed, through generosity of time, money and effort. We know that the job is far from over, but times like these, we are given so much hope that we CAN make a difference, and we are, one step at a time. Thank you very much for your kindness!!

(Hi Stella this was taken at the Accenture office in GT Tower, the drop off before the shipping. We met up last Monday for all the donations from all buildings and Accenture took care of packing it for us. We then met up Saturday afternoon to pick them up and bring them to the pier.)

(From left: Archie Abellar and Haydee Illenberger of the hardworking VSSQ, Jaylor de los Santos and Benjie Madolin of Accenture, and our VSSQ galpal Honeylette Teodosio. You rock, guys!)

Bless you Accenture for your employees’ generous hearts.




  1. hi Stella, thank you for the post! of course, aside from Accenture, we have had many generous donors from Manila who have generously donated both time money and goods to this cause. We also would like to send out mad props to Shopwise who donated two weeks back (several boxes of canned goods) as well as private citizens who gave in cash and kind (the list is on my multiply site). Thank you again, and may more filipinos heed our call to take action! 😀

  2. Yes Lette. I already posted Shopwise donation earlier. Check it out https://sludge.wordpress.com/2006/10/01/from-our-mailboxdonation-from-shopwise/

    Good job girl.

  3. Thanks for this 🙂

  4. Most welcome Benjie. It’s you guys who we should really thank. Guimaras needs more kind hearts such as yours 🙂

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