Joe and his beer

October 13, 2006


Task Force Solar 1 Oil Spill chairman Rafael Coscolluela explains to the media the ‘real situation’ in the oil spill-affected areas in Guimaras province during the press conference sponsored by Petron Corporation last Wednesday. Meanwhile, IOPC’s Joe Nichols (inset photo) slammed the media during the conference for allegedly focusing more on negative news on the aftermath of the oil spill disaster. (The Guardian, Oct. 13, 2006)


Hmmm…you don’t look too happy Joe. Don’t you like our good old San Miguel? Think your microbrewed brewskie back home’s better? Or is it because you got horse-whipped by our vigilant reporters in Iloilo? You thought they’d take your sh__ sitting down huh?

Well next time, you better think twice about shooting off your mouth and telling the media how to do their job. You’re better off concentrating on your own job–getting oil spill compensation for Guimaras and its residents. That’s the only reason you’re in town bub, so spare us your fricking lectures! Perhaps the Iloilo media should write a letter to this guy’s boss back home in London and complain about his unprofesssional behavior. What gall!

Oh wait, Petron sponsored the presscon. No wonder Joe was bitching. I bet his beer was on the house.


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