IOPCF tries to rush release of fishers’ claims

October 16, 2006

By Maricar M. Calubiran
The News Today, Oct. 16, 2006

The International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund (IOPCF) will try its best to compensate individual claimants in the island province of Guimaras whose livelihood are affected by the oil spill as soon as possible.

In an email, IOPCF Deputy Director/Technical Advisor Joe Nichols said they are trying their best “to compensate individual claimants as quickly as possible. The IOPCF will certainly do that in the coming weeks.”

Nichols along with Capt. Patrick Joseph, IOPCF claims manager, were here in the city last week. Nichols even grabbed the headlines when he commented on the media’s treatment of the oil spill story which, for him, focused more on the negative news.

This is the second time that Nichols and Joseph visited Guimaras. Few weeks after the oil spill, Nichols, Joseph and David Rees, associate director/claims manager of The Shipowners’ Protection Limited went to Guimaras and met all the stakeholders. They also set the requirements needed for the claims.

(Click Fishers’ claims for the full story.)


YEAH, that’s right Joe…just drink your beer and do your job. Spare us the lectures. Let’s see you pull that kind of arrogant behavior on your UK media. Hmmm…maybe I should give a call to Rupert and tell him about you.


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