Siphoning of remaining oil remains uncertain

October 17, 2006

Panay News, Oct. 17, 2006

ILOILO City – It’s not certain yet. Siphoning of the remaining bunker fuel – if there is still left of it – or whatever decision on the sunken vessel, M/T Solar 1, hinges on the decision of the International Oil Pollution Compensation (IOPC).

As it is, the vessel remains a threat to the residents surrounding the island province. M/T Solar 1 sits on a volcanic fault line, making it “ticking nuclear time bomb.”

The IOPC executive committee will convene on October 23 yet in the United Kingdom.
Contrary to the assertion of Presidential Assistant for Western Visayas Rafael Coscolluela that the remaining bunker fuel will be siphoned out in December, National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) spokesperson Dr. Anthony Golez said the IOPC has yet to determine what measures to do with the M/T Solar 1.

In a press conference last October10, Golez said the executive committee of the IOPC shall decide on what to do with the sunken vessel — either to salvage it or siphon out the remaining bunker fuel.

Golez, also the Deputy Administrator of the Office of Civil Defense, said the weather season would be a factor to consider in resolving the issue.

“It’s typhoon season,” he said. “Planning must be meticulous. There should be no room for another disaster.”

In October 11, in a press conference, IOPC Deputy Director Joe Nichols concurred with the statements of Golez “because it may be more harmful to push for the siphoning during bad weather.”


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