Anglers take part in fishing tournament in Guimaras – Petron PR

October 18, 2006

SPORTSFISHERMEN proved here on Sunday that the recent oil spill in Guimaras has had little effect on its marine life, bringing in an assorted catch of bottom dwelling fish including a scary 23-lb. manta ray.

The fishermen, members of the 200-strong Iloilo Anglers Association (ISA), prowled their favorite fishing grounds around Guimaras island the whole day Sunday to participate in a fishing tournament as it did every month for the past 17 years of its existence.

This month’s event was dubbed the Petron Invitational Fishing Tournament. Petron sponsored the tournament on invitation of ISA, through local Petron products dealer Johnny Young who is also an angler and director of ISA.

Of the nine teams that sailed in separate boats, Team Bluefin proved to be the luckiest sweeping the top three individual contests for biggest catch and the Team Championship for the largest haul. The day’s champion fisherman was businessman Joel Camacho who hauled in a 13.14- pound Diamond Jack (Bukan). Camacho said he used a 12-lb. fishing line to reel in the fish, which put up a 20-minute fight.

(For the rest of the ‘praise’ release, click Sunstar Iloilo, Oct. 18, 2006.)


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