More shorts

October 18, 2006

Malaya, Oct. 19, 2006

SPEAKING of short attention span, people and media have forgotten about the atrocious oil spill off Guimaras. There’s even a foreign “expert” from International Oil Pollution Commission, a certain Joe Nichols, who had gall enough to chide Panay media for “always looking for a negative story” in reporting about the unending tragedy that is Guimaras. And cheek enough to tell them about the heroic efforts of Petron, “even if it is also the victim here”.

And yet, if media reports the good news and forgets the ugly realities, would the short lady and her appointees in Petron’s board even bother to act on the sad fate of a paradise spoiled? As it is, they are banking on Filipino’s “short” memories.

(For the rest of the piece, click Lito Banayo.)


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