Petron execs cry foul over oil spill reports

October 23, 2006

ILOILO CITY – Petron officials cried foul over the “unfair treatment” they claim to be getting from the national and local media on the sinking of MT Solar 1 off Nueva Valencia town in Guimaras on August 11 that resulted to the country’s worst oil spill.

“We’re almost two months here already, even now the footages that are being shown in TV are those taken on Day 2 of the oil spill. We consider it unfair especially since we’ve done all that is possible to clean Guimaras of the oil spill,” said Allan Victoriano, project officer of the Petron Foundation.

“The problem is, we’re being knocked about by politics, we’re also being battered in the media. That’s why I’m making this appeal to you now, to please at least try to balance the reporting of the news,” Victoriano added.

He said that just recently, two small boats carrying Petron personnel on their way to one of the affected islands overturned, almost killing the passengers. “But these stories, our stories are not being reported in the media, only those which are unfavorable to us. I hope these would change. As you can see, we’re facing both natural and man-made threats out here.”

Asked regarding the Army soldiers’ presence in places where Petron personnel are deployed, Victoriano said the soldiers were asked to provide security to their people, and sometimes act as escorts.

Meanwhile, to date over P15 million in wages have been spent to pay laborers employed in Petron’s Cash-for-Work Program in an effort to bring five of the hardest—hit villages back to normalcy. Ely Suyom, The Manila Times


WHY does it always happen that the moment a Petron official opens his mouth, he shoots himself in the foot? Take this new joker Allan Victoriano… is he actually saying that a near-overturn of some boats carrying Petron employees has the same news value as Guimarasnons getting sick from toxic oil fumes, or a cover-up of the oil sludge on beaches? If those boats actually overturned and one of them was carrying Petron chairman Nick Alcantara, that would certainly make the headlines Mr. Victoriano! Boy, you make a very poor imitation of your IOPC lackey, Joe Nichols.

And if you guys are truly doing good, why are you afraid of your lives and need Army escorts? As far as the government reports go, there are no NPAs nor ASG/JI terrorists in Guimaras who could harm you or destroy your ‘good work.’ Bakit? Feeling nyo makikidnap-for-ransom kayo? Gee, how very presumptuous! Ang ‘OA’ nyo naman.


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