Donors’ forum on Guimaras

October 25, 2006

From Task Force Sunrise

FUNDING institutions and non-government organizations that would want to rehabilitate the disaster-stricken province of Guimaras will be presenting their respective plans in a forum this week as an initial step at harmonizing all assistance for communities ruined by the Petron oil spill.

Dubbed “Guimaras Donors’ Forum,” the activity will serve as the provincial government’s primary mechanism for facilitating substantive dialogue and harmonization of development assistance that flooded Guimaras following what has now become the country’s worst environmental disaster.

The forum, set on October 26, 2006 at the Shirven Hotel in Barangay San Miguel in Jordan town, is organized by the provincial government of Guimaras through Task Force Sunrise, the quick response team created to address the disaster.

“This will serve as venue where the province and the donors can discuss coordination and areas for collaboration for the rehabilitation of the island and at the same time finalize commitments to various programs and initiatives,” says Guimaras Gov. Rahman Nava, MD., also the task force chair.

At least 11 international funding and relief agencies have already confirmed attendance to the forum, among them the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the German Development Cooperation (GTZ), World Vision International and the United Nations Development Programme.

NGOs attending the forum include the Petron Foundation, Mirant, Peace and Equity Foundation, the Philippine Business for Social Progress and the Panay Rural Development Council.

The forum will be highlighted by the presentation of the rapid assessment report on the extent of the damage wrought by the Petron oil spill and the framework for rehabilitation of the provincial government.

On the other hand, international agencies and NGOs will be given 10 minutes each to present their programs for Guimaras, their capacity and their resources.


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