From our mailbox…on Dr. Kent Carpenter

October 29, 2006

DR. Kent E. Carpenter’s credentials speak for him. He has worked for more than five years in the field in our country, and has even taught the subject of Ichthyology at the University of the Philippines in the Visayas, a fact not mentioned in that Panay News article by Alain Russ Dimzon, a developmental journalist of unassailable repute and a revered and nationally-acclaimed poet of social consciousness in the medium of Hiligaynon poetry.

Ilonggo marine biologists and scientists are among the best and brightest in the country if not this part of Asia; these same scientists have accepted the research of Dr. Carpenter and welcomed it as a bright beacon in our otherwise all-too-often sullied efforts at marine conservation and protection.

The following are web sites covering the work and research done by Dr. Carpenter: www.oneocean.org; www.iucn.org; and

Simply put, using a scientific approach, together with a colleague who is even more renowned and respected in the scientific world, Dr. Carpenter in his study has posited the thesis that the epicenter of marine shore fish biodiversity is right here in central Philippines, nowhere else in the world. The central Philippines is the marine equivalent of the Amazon river basin rainforest in terms of number of species per unit area. This revelation, startling as it is, should be a source of pride for all Filipinos. This link directs you to the PDF file of said study, as published in the scientific journal Environmental Biology of Fishes last year. The paper itself understandably replete with technicalese, the http://www.oneocean.org page cited above will help in understanding the import of Dr. Carpenter’s study, and as correctly presented by Mr. Dimzon in that Panay News article, it is this:

Our marine resource is not only a national treasure and a national heritage; it belongs to the rest of the world as well. Dr. Carpenter is here and spending precious time and effort in letting us be aware of this heritage. The rest is up to us. This unique heritage is not forever, nor self-sustaining; the Philippines is after all number one among those countries with the most threatened ecosystems and the most threatened species. For our sake and the sake of our children and their children’s children, we must help each other in the effort towards protection and conservation of what has been so generously endowed to us. We must do our part in sharing our knowledge and education with those whom we feel such strong empathy for, as is evident in what you have repeatedly expressed not only in this comment but also in your comments on the the SEAFDEC findings on the state of Guimaras corals in the aftermath of this oil spill tragedy.

Together, let us look at our fisherfolk in the eye and say, “Unless you fish sustainably, you won’t have any fish left out there.” These are not my words. I am merely quoting Kent E. Carpenter.

Most respectfully yours,




  1. Can you tell me if Dr. Kent Carpenter ever attended a college in Florida back in the 70’s ? The name of the college was (FIT) Florida Institue of Technology. It’s a college that also studies Marine Biology. I knew him there and I’ve always wondered what became of Kent Carpenter if this is the same Kent Carpenter I knew. He was originally from Syracuse, New York. If you are able to give me any information on the above, I’d love to get in contact email or whatever to write Dr. Kent Carpenter, I actually have pictures of him (if it’s the same Kent Carpenter) from back in the 70’s with long hair. I was very good friends with him back then.

  2. Cheryl,

    I don’t know Dr. Carpenter personally. I’m hoping by printing your email, he or people who know will be able to get in touch with you. His pic is published above so I guess you can compare if it’s the same guy, too.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Thanks for writing me back, because that is him I found out, the more I read on your website about him on Page 2, it mentions how Kent got his BS Biology, Major in Marine Biology from the Florida Institute of Technology!!!! And that is where I met him at back in the early 70’s. Like I said I still have pictures of him way back then, oh my gosh I’m just thrilled I located him, I knew he was very very smart, I hung out with him and others from the college probably 3 to 4 years or so. I knew his girlfriend he had back then her name was Mary and I always wondered if they ended up getting married or not, she was also originally from Syracuse, N.Y. And the fact that he lives or lived in the Philippines and I have a cousin whom lives there and has lived there for many years and his daughter goes to the University of the Philippines where Kent worked. If you have anyway to find out how I can write Kent please let me know. I know he will remember me for Sure! You can email me back off this website to my email address if you want to which is ckleving@harris.com. Thanks!!!

  4. You’re welcome!

    Yo, Dr. Carpenter! Mail call! 🙂

  5. Dr. Kent Carpenter I understand You may know my cousin Cherl Kelly from Melbourne Florida. She went to school with you at FIT Florida Institute of Tech. You majored in Marine Bio. I almost was going to attend there as well Im from Melbourne Florida and now Im here in the Philippines since 1996. I live here in Subic Bay, my wife is from Visayas (Bocalod) Hinigeran we can see Gimerous from our beach and we know all about what happen on the oil spill infact it seems we are worried to our province about the oil spill problem. Im happy to here you are part of this Oil Spill and feel free to email me and please keep me updated on the effects of this oil spill because Im interested. Wow this is a small world and Im glad to make contact with you.

  6. Kent,

    Are you the Kent Carpenter who went to the SU Marine Lab back in early ’80s? Just curious.


  7. Howard, Dr. Carpenter is not in any way connected with this blog. But let’s our cross our fingers he reads your comment, and gets back to you.

    Thanks for dropping in.

    Site adminstrator

  8. i guess this is a long delayed reply.

    here’s the link to dr. kent carpenters’ webpage. he was my professor at UP Visayas back in the 80’s. he’s giving a lecture here at UP-Diliman on Sept. 22.

    Kevin Ryan,

    I am from Hinigaran in Negros, too. Whom are you married to, what family name?


  9. Monotski, you failed to provide the link to Dr. Carpenter’s webpage.

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