UN adopts RP resolution for Guimaras rehabilitation

November 9, 2006

By Veronica Uy
INQ7.net, Nov. 09, 2006

A PHILIPPINE resolution on the ecological disaster in Guimaras Island following one of the worst oil spills in the country has been adopted by the United Nations, according to the Philippine Mission to the UN in an e-mail to media.

Ambassador Lauro Baja Jr., Permanent Representative to the UN, said the resolution entitled, “Special economic assistance for the Philippines,” and which 55 UN member-states had co-sponsored, “invites the international donor community not only to provide additional economic and technical assistance in the post-disaster recovery and rehabilitation processes but also to increase their support for the strengthening of the disaster risk management and disaster preparedness capacity of the Philippines as a disaster-prone country.”

The UN General Assembly’s Second (Economic and Financial Committee) adopted the resolution by consensus Wednesday (New York time), Baja said.

“The Guimaras resolution also requests the UN Secretary-General to report at the next session of the General Assembly on the collaborative efforts extended to the Philippines by other governments, UN bodies, and international financial institutions and developments agencies,” Baja said.

He said participants in the informal consultations on the resolution, headed by Ambassador Leslie Gatan, were impressed by the timely and comprehensive effort of the Philippine Government in the clean up and rehabilitation process of the country’s worst oil spill disaster.

“Action by the Plenary of the General Assembly on this resolution next month will just be a formality,” Baja added.

(For the rest of the story, click UN resolution.)


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