Family of missing M/V Solar I crewman not yet compensated?

November 15, 2006

THE families of two missing crewmen of the ill-fated M/V Solar 1 that sunk off Guimaras island in August, have been invited by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to press charges against the oil tanker’s owners, according to NBI head agent Roland Argabioso.

One of the missing crewmen is Art Ian Nabua, whose family claimed that they have not been compensated at all by the Sunshine Maritime Development Corporation (SMDC).

Argabioso bared Tuesday the NBI is considering filing charges of reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and damage to property against the SMDC. The sinking of the oil tanker caused what is considered the country’s largest oil spill in history with damages and compensation to be settled reaching billions in pesos.

The NBI field officer said the agency has been interviewing Guimaras residents affected by the disaster as well as the families of the missing crewmen.

“We have yet to receive any financial compensation from Sunshine Maritime Development Corporation,” said Arturo Nabua, 46, the father of Art Ian said in Tagalog.

“We were originally told that our son had insurance and we would be the beneficiaries of said insurance. We have not even received his SSS benefits,” he told the NBI.

His mother said Art Ian “did a lot to help his family.”

“We have more or less accepted that our son is gone,” said Arturo. “We just wish that, what rightfully belongs to our son goes to the family for whom he sacrificed his life.”

Art Ian was the second of five children and the first born son of Arturo and Gemma Nabua. He has been with the SMDC since 2003, taking tours on board all three of the company’s tankers, the M/V Solar 1, II and III. (PNA from Balita.org, Nov. 14, 2006)


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