From Ducky Paredes

November 22, 2006


An excerpt

TWO sinkings of marine vessels hired by Petron has to be coming from someone’s total incompetence. When it hired the vessel “Solar” to bring a cargo of oil products to Mindanao, that was incompetence since there are a lot of very good vessels that carry oil products for all the oil companies, these vessels were, of course, available to Petron. Yet, it chose a shipping company that hasn’t had a long history of taking on oil as cargo and a second-hand refitted single-hull vessel when there are already vessels available in this country with double hulls.

Why did Petron do this? Are they saving money by going to second-rate boats and shipping companies? Then, even against the objections of Capt. Luis Tuason Jr. the Western Visayas commander of the Philippine Coast Guard, they went ahead with using a barge. After the sinking of the barge “Ras” with 600 tons of oil debris off the Coast of Misamis Occidental, Tuason said: “Yan na nga ang sinasabi ko noong una that a barge is not fit to carry hazardous cargo in bulk.

Barges have a different design compared to vessels that are more ideal to carry dangerous loads such as oil debris.”

No accident here. Incompetence! That is what it has to be.

(The entire column at Malaya, Nov. 23, 2006.)


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