From our mailbox…VSSQ donations update

November 30, 2006


Hi All,

First off, Happy Holidays!

Here’s a quick update on what’s been happening on our latest donation endeavor. We had a shipment of donations last Saturday…. Employees from Accenture 6750 (through the supervision of Dru! — you rock, man! ) generously donated 9 boxes of clothes, assorted food items, and medicine. We also got a load of donations from Mr. Jason Quema in form of used clothes. Kudos to you, guys and gals!

These donations were shipped via 2Go by VSSQ volunteers Archie Abellar and Jason Quema (thanks for the help, guys!) and will be received by the VSSQ Iloilo team hopefully by the end of this week. Will try to post pics soon 😉

The donation drive doesn’t stop here. We welcome donations from you and your friends, and any help you can give to our cause. 🙂 We’ll be scheduling a donation drive shipment by the end of December (or early January) again, so let us know if you know of people who might wanna give some more donations. After, ’tis the season of giving!

Remember, we CAN make a difference!


Lette Teodosio
Visayan Sea Squadron


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